All systems operational

Interrupted access to Fastmail services

Started about 1 month ago Lasted about 3 hours


Web client and mobile app
Login & sessions
  • Resolved

    We can confirm that Fastmail connectivity issues have been resolved for both the WebUI and the Mobile Apps. All users should now be able now access our services. Network instability caused issues during a large-scale maintenance operation. Email delivery was not impacted and no mail was lost during this outage.

  • Monitoring

    For most users we believe that this should now be resolved and access should now be restored to both the WebUI and our Mobile Apps. We’re continuing to monitor and will provide an additional update once we've confirmed that this is resolved.

  • Investigating

    We are currently experiencing issues with our web interface and mobile app. However access to your mail should still be available using a third-party mail client or Beta at We will continue to provide further updates to you.

  • Investigating
    We are currently investigating this incident.